USB - PPI cables and old-fashioned S7-200 PLC communication matters needing attention

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Are the current domestic production of the USB - PPI cable USB virtual serial port, and early series S7-200 PLC CPU21X communication there may be some problems, the solution is as follows:

1, close or uninstall daemon related to the serial port.After the test, some serial daemon running can cause STEP7 Micro/Win can't find the PLC.

2, after installing the USB driver of COM slogans cannot exceed COM8 and as far as possible.

3, if can't find the PLC showed that shown in the figure below:

To return to "set the PG/PC interface" interface, will stand address changed in other values such as "1" search again after the PLC can solve the problem, as shown in the figure below.

CPU22X series PLC without the problem, you may refer to CPU22XCN CPU21X solution, but the programming software version must be at least 4.0 SP3 STEP7 Micro/Win and must be set into Chinese display status.

More host USB - PPI + cable no problem, the cable directly use the USB option in the programming software, no need driver support, is the true USB programming cable.